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Cloud Rider Grille and Bumper Inserts in Stainless Steel, various makes and models, PLEASE CALL FOR PRICING

The perfect defense for your vehicle from bugs, rocks, and other debris, protecting your radiator & condenser, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in repairs!

Stainless Steel Grill Inserts Features Include:

  • Our screens are made of Stainless Steel that will not rust
  • Choice of Classic, Classic Winter Shield™, Round, Spectare Mesh, Breeze and Diamond patterns
  • Black powder coated option available for most patterns (excluding Diamond)
  • Smooth trimmed edges enhance appearance
  • Fraction tooling completes the smooth bordered look
  • Mounting hardware specially designed for quality and easy installation
  • High quality fit and finish, stamped with our signature of approval
  • Three Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

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